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Discipline Procedures

Bus safety and student discipline is a continual concern of your school district. Responsibility for the conduct of students while they are waiting for the bus rests with the parents. When the student boards the bus, the school district assumes responsibility until the child leaves the bus at the end of the day.

Bus drivers will make every effort to see that the children behave on the bus. When a behavior incident arises, the driver will attempt to handle the problem. In the event the driver cannot correct the situation, the discipline problem will be reported to the building principal. When necessary, the parent will be involved. In certain situations where the child will not behave on the bus, it may be necessary for the child to be denied the privilege of riding the bus and the parent will be responsible for transporting the child to school. We hope this type of situation will be held to a bare minimum.

Bus Passes

Children wishing to ride home on other than their regular bus must have a signed note from their parents stating the time, date and destination. Passes are issued at the respective school offices. The student presents this pass to the bus driver.

Should you need to pick your child up from school at the end of the day, please contact the school your child attends to receive the procedures designed to assist parents. If the procedures are followed no conflict shall occur with bus loading or school dismissal operations.

Transportation to Non-Public Schools

State Education Law sets April 1st as the deadline for written applications from parents or guardians who wish their children to be transported to non-public buildings. Families who move into the district after April 1st deadline may file requests within 30 days of their move into the district. Proper application forms are available at non-public schools. Home to school pupil transportation is provided up to a maximum of 17.3 miles distance as measured from the student's residence to such point if they desire to be transported to a non-public school. Transportation to the central pick-up point is the responsibility of the student's parents.

Requests may be filed with and questions directed to the Transportation Supervisor at (315) 642-0331.

Use of Electronics on the Bus

High School and Middle School students are allowed to bring and utilize electronic items during their ride to and from school. The only exception is cell phones. We do not want students on cell phones during the ride, but they may bring them to school.

Intermediate School students are permitted to have electronics on the bus as long as they do not pose a disruption to the safe operation of the bus. If the student use of an electronic becomes a disruption to the driver or is used to disrupt students then it will not be allowed. The driver or monitor may revoke the privilege on the spot. The driver/monitor should follow up with notification to the building for further investigation.

In short, students that use their electronics responsibly are welcome to use their devices. Students that abuse, or misuse electronics will not be permitted to use them.

Primary school students are not allowed any electronic devices of any kind.

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