IRCSD Parent Portal
IRCSD Parent Portal

Welcome to the Indian River Central School District SchoolTool Parent Portal. The parents and legal guardians of our students are allowed to join the IRCSD SchoolTool Parent Portal after registering with our district and signing and returning the Parent Portal Acceptable Use Policy. The Parent Portal provides parents and legal guardians with the privilege of accessing the SchoolTool system to view the student information records of their children through a secure Internet connection.

Click here to access the IRCSD Parent Portal User Guide.

Parent Portal FAQ

When my child leaves the school district, when will his/her account be removed from the system?

Your child's account will be removed no later than 30 days after your child exits the school district.

I would like access to my grandson/granddaughter/nephew/niece/etc.'s information. May I register for Parent Portal access to their account?

No. Our district currently restricts Parent Portal access to the parents, step-parents, and legal guardians of our students.

What if I share an email address with my spouse? May we have separate Parent Portal accounts?

Only one Parent Portal account per email address is permitted. If spouses share an email address, only the mother or the father will receive an account. If both spouses would like an account, they will need separate email addresses.

I have more than one child, but I can only see information for some of them in my Parent Portal account. What should I do?

If you do not have access to information for each of your children, contact our registrar or the office of the building your child is in to request a Parent Portal icon for that child. If there is any concern that you may not have a right to access that child's information, you may be asked to provide legal documentation.

What if my contact information is wrong?

Contact the office of the building your child is in to update your contact information.

Do I need an email address to use the SchoolTool Parent Portal?

Your email address acts as your Parent Portal username. If you change your email address, please inform the district as soon as possible so that your account may be updated. Without a valid email address on file, you may not request a Parent Portal account.


You may access the IRCSD SchoolTool Parent Portal directly by clicking this link: IRCSD Parent Portal. Access to the Parent Portal is also available from the district web site by visiting and choosing the IRCSD Parent Portal quick link to the left, or click on the IRCSD Parent Portal drop-down link under Parents/Students in the navigational array at the top of the page.

Remember, your Parent Portal username is your full email address, and your password will be sent to you via email once we set up your account. You may change your password once you successfully log in.

If you have any difficulty using the Parent Portal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Use the Parent Portal

All parents and guardians of students enrolled in the Indian River Central School District will be granted access to the SchoolTool Parent Portal.  At the time of new student registration, the parental email address placed on record with the District will be used to create Parent Portal accounts, and SchoolTool will send an automated email containing a temporary password and login instructions to that email address.
As of May 2019, all parents and guardians currently listed in SchoolTool have been granted access to the Parent Portal if they had an email address on record.  Having an email address listed in SchoolTool also allows parents and guardians access to vital resources such as the District's Peachjar flyer distribution service.  Therefore, it is essential for all parents and guardians to have an accurate email address listed in our system so that they may avail themselves of these engagement tools
If you would like to add an email address to your parental or guardian record in SchoolTool or update the address we currently have on file, please contact
To reiterate, all parents and guardians of newly-registered students will have Parent Portal accounts created automatically at the time of registration.  Parents and guardians who would like to request access for a currently-registered student may do so by contacting


The new SchoolTool mobile application is now available! Parents and students can now log in to see information about current schedules, assignments, and attendance. Users will also be able to receive push notifications when teachers submit assignment grades.

To get started using the SchoolTool mobile app, you will need the website URL and the Parent Portal username and password provided by IRCSD.

Download and install the SchoolTool mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

After installing and opening the SchoolTool mobile app, enter your SchoolTool credentials and click the Log in button.

Log in using the account information provided by your district. The following fields are required:

  • URL: Enter the URL (website) used to access SchoolTool:
  • Username: Enter your SchoolTool username (the email address that you use to access SchoolTool).
  • Password: Enter the password you use to log in to SchoolTool.

Use the “Stay logged in” option if you do not want to enter this information each time you access the app
If you require any assistance with the SchoolTool app, please contact