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K-12 Social Emotional Learning "Toolbox"

This social-emotional learning "toolbox" was developed by Jennifer Bryant-Ulrich, School Social Worker, and Amy Lesperance, School Psychologist.  It is intended to provide our students, staff, and Indian River families with some basic tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings. Please click the link above to browse the site and utilize the links and calming strategies, at your leisure.

Welcome to the Pupil Personnel Page

The Indian River Central School District is committed to fostering positive academic, behavioral, and social development of our students. The Pupil Personnel Services Department has a long history of providing school counseling, school psychology, and school social worker services designed to meet the individual needs of our diverse population.

Committee on Special Education

32735B Country Route 29 Philadelphia, NY 13673

Phone: 315-642-0100 Fax: 315-642-3891

Tamara T. Metz

Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services and Special Education and Federal Programs

Kathleen Dalton Lind

Assistant Supervisor of Federal Programs and Special Education

Rachel Kimball - 6-12 CSE Secretary

Anna Pfleegor - K-5 CSE Secretary

Heather Archuleta - CPSE and AIS Secretary

Jennifer Black - Account Clerk

Ann Sweet - Primary Guidance Secretary (315-629-4331)

Barb LaMont - Intermediate Guidance Secretary (315-642-0125)

Katie Patterson - Middle School Guidance Secretary (315-642-0131) (Fax 315-642-0128)

Erica Hovey - Middle School Guidance Clerk

Karen Drake-Clark - High School Guidance Secretary (315-642-0008) (Fax 315-642-0932)

Maria Reyes - High School Guidance Secretary