Library Media Services

"Research shows that students perform better on tests of research skills and comprehension skills when they have access to a good library media center and a professional library media specialist"

(Libraries for the National Education Goals).

District students and staff are provided with library services and supported by 7 New York state certified library media specialists, 3 library teaching assistants, and 10 library clerical personnel.

Book Fairs

The primary, intermediate, and middle schools each have one or two book fairs during the school year. These are often held in conjunction with parent-teacher conferences. These fund-raisers offer students and their families an opportunity to purchase a wide variety both fiction and non-fiction books, computer software, posters, writing journals, and more. Parents often use this opportunity to reward their child for a great report card or to choose books for Christmas gifts or special treats from the Easter Bunny. The proceeds are used for author visits, summer reading activities, and other library related events.

BOCES School Library System

The Indian River District library media centers belong to the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES School Library System. Membership in this System enables media centers to have access to thousands of items in school, college, and public libraries throughout northern New York and beyond. Also, the System provides workshops for the library staff, sponsors the annual Bookmark Contest, provides professional journals to media specialists, and advises on current technologies and procedures in the field of librarianship

Summer Reading Activities

Each summer the primary, intermediate and middle school libraries offer summer reading activities. The activities are based on various themes and encourage students to read over the summer. Elementary students are asked to read 500 minutes or more and keep a record of the minutes read. Intermediate and middle school students are asked to read a minimum number of books and keep a record of the titles read. In September, the libraries hold celebrations for participating students and award them with prizes and certificates.